Individual 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions with Abe Moses

Program Step Title Description Duration Cost Action
Individual Coaching Step 1 of our program for individuals. GTKEO

Getting To Know Each Other.

A relaxed meeting, via Zoom.

Tell me about your goals and concerns. Ask me about how I work.

Moving into understanding.

30 minutes Free, and no obligation.

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You will be redirected to Calendly to make your booking.

Individual Coaching Step 2 of our program for Individuals. The Exploration

A one hour exploratory on-line, or in-person, coaching session.

Includes a written framework for the way forward.

One Hour $95, and no further obligation.

After your free Half Hour Getting to Know Each Other, schedule your One Hour exploratory.

Individual Coaching Step 3 of our program for Individuals. The Journey of Discovery

12 Weekly coaching sessions.

To assist discovery and make adjustments towards your goals.

12 weeks, 90 minutes each week. $2,900

After Step 1 & 2, schedule your first sessions.

Individual Coaching Step 4 of our program for individuals. The Journey of Embodiment

Transformation Mentoring.

Discover and improve mind-body patterns.

Includes Embodiment Breathwork.

Client specific details provided on request.

12 months. To be arranged.