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The Importance of Vision and Purpose in the Workplace #1

When I get asked about Vision and Purpose in a business, I believe vision is the ability to create a picture, or visualise, what the business looks like in the future. Purpose is a cousin of and interacts with the vision. I believe it answers the why, (a reason) for the business to exist.

If there is not a clear statement of purpose, the vision may have difficulty converting into actuality. There is less motivation for people to move the business towards the vision.

Confronting the Challenge of Cultural Change

Confronting the Challenge of Cultural Change in the Workplace

Q&A with Abe Moses, Founder of Radical Consultants

What needs confronting, and why?

What does YOUR organisation need? Part 1.

I frequently read of people in organisations seeking cultural change.

Actually, I am a little surprised by the number of organisations seeking cultural change, and Cultural Change Agents. What is this magical “cultural change” that so many seek, might I ask? I assume that the leadership believes that there is something about the culture in their organisation that needs changing. Yep, that sounds right. Whatever the culture that now exists, needs to be replaced by something different, a “better” culture!

Humans Seek Meaningful Work

In a recent article on depression, in the Guardian, Johann Hari mentions 1970’s workplace research by the Australian scientist, Michael Marmot.

Marmot’s research found that it is not the people at the top of work hierarchies who are most inclined to serious stress, and consequent heart attacks, but those towards the bottom. A very surprising result.

And in working out why that is, he came to the conclusion that:

Dynamics of Workplace Role

The problem as I see it is that we take on a role at work and then we “become it”. We become the quality manager; or we become the accountant; or we become the truck driver.

By “becoming it” we risk contraction, constriction or even abandonment of other aspects of self in the workplace. We subsequently brand or become branded as “this, that or the other” individuals.

Giving Feedback in the Workplace

An invitation for professional self-reflection.

In business and non-profit workplaces it is important to give people consistent direction in where the enterprise is going.

One of the directions many people do have trouble with in their working lives is how to give feedback to each other in a way that does not escalate resentments, disengagement or conflict.

Listen to the podcast published by an organisation we have great respect for, Radical Candor.